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85-528VAC ultra-wide input OVC III-certified power supplies for industrial automation and appliances in commercial and residential buildings

Ultra-wide input power supplies for industrial automation and residential buildings


The CCP550 Series

550W open-frame power supplies with multiple cooling options


Low profile 550W AC-DC power supplies offer multiple cooling options for medical (BF) & industrial applications

550W power supplies rated for convection cooling, conduction cooling and forced-air cooling.


5 steps to ensure your medical power supply is safe and reliable

Our concise blog highlights 5 key design priorities for developing power supplies for medical applications.

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What’s the difference between Class 2 and Class II power supplies?

The terminology used to classify power supplies involves different standards and definitions and there are distinctions...

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Putting the power supply user in control

True digital control now simplifies the configuration of output voltage and current levels, monitoring, and control char...

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Advantages of programmable power supplies with a digital core

We explore the user benefits of programmable power supplies equipped with a digital core.

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Portability is the future for medical devices

Growing trends in the medical sector towards portable equipment and power supply considerations for keeping patients saf...

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Programmable 3kW power supply series brings high power with digital control to challenging medical and industrial applications

Announcing intelligent and flexible higher power levels available to key medical, industrial and semiconductor fabricati...


The HPF3K0 Series

The HPF is a highly flexible, single-phase solution ideal for a wide range of healthcare, semiconductor manufacturing an...


External AC-DC Power Supplies Selector Guide

Selector guide of our external AC-DC power supplies products. Easily navigate through possible solutions.


Regulated power supplies explained

We explain exactly what regulated power supplies are and how they differ from their unregulated counterparts.

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