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Design considerations for the Q series

The necessary considerations when designing in a Q series product.

Technical Articles May 15, 2019

Low profile 180W U-channel PSU for space-critical medical (BF), industrial & ITE applications

Range of 180-Watt U-channel AC-DC power supplies that are intended for spac ...

Press Releases May 4, 2019

The Essential Guide to Power Supplies

The world of power supplies can seem complex, with ever changing regulation ...

Literature May 1, 2019

3 Phase input, 5kW AC-DC power supply delivers the ultimate flexibility

HPT5K0 series, a range of high power density, high efficiency, resonant zer ...

Press Releases April 30, 2019

High Voltage/Low Power Selector Guide

XP Power offers market leading miniature high voltage dc-dc power supplies. ...

Literature April 17, 2019

Railway Power Solutions Guide

The XP Power Rail Solutions guide provides an overview of the industry and ...

Literature April 16, 2019

Standard high voltage modules save time, space and money

Component high voltage output DC-DC converters have changed the way many ma ...

Blog Posts April 11, 2019

How to connect and test a regulated model

Incite from engineering technician on how to connect and test a regulated u ...

Videos April 11, 2019

System integration of baseplate cooled converter modules, or ‘bricks’

Baseplate cooled power converter modules, also known as bricks, provide bui ...

Technical Articles April 10, 2019

MOPP, DC-DC converters simplify development of medical devices

XP Power has launched a new range of 20 Watt DC-DC power modules with inter ...

Press Releases April 2, 2019

Next-generation, miniature high voltage power modules

More watts per cubic inch, reduced power consumption & smart features for c ...

Technical Articles March 21, 2019

Open-frame 40W & 60W power supplies - healthcare, household & ITE applications

Two new series of low-profile, open-frame power supplies addressing the ne ...

Press Releases March 19, 2019