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Safety of household & similar electrical appliances

Designing to meet the requirements of EN 60335.

Technical Articles May 15, 2018

New power supply guide makes product selection easy

XP Power announce the publication of its new ‘Power Supply Guide’.

Press Releases May 10, 2018

Overcoming Patient Leakage Current Issues

XP Power’s Dante De Guzman explains patient leakage current for medical pow ...

Blog Posts May 3, 2018

Analog vs Digital – the Power struggle continues!

If you are a power supply design engineer or an EE or ASE that selects powe ...

Blog Posts April 20, 2018

Modular and Configurable Solutions for Vetronics Applications meet MIL-STD-461G

Modular and Configurable Solutions for Vetronics Applications meet MIL-STD- ...

Blog Posts April 12, 2018

Low heat loss, CCB200 series of AC-DC power supplies

200 Watts with very low heat loss and very high-efficiency rating of up to ...

Videos April 10, 2018

Green mode fly-back converters

Many power supply products are marketed under the “Green Power” label meani ...

Blog Posts April 1, 2018

AC Input Current & Harmonics

As a result of the peak rectification techniques used in power supplies, ha ...

Blog Posts March 29, 2018

Compact chassis-mount 350W AC-DC power supplies offer easy integration

Launch of the SMP350 series of rugged AC-DC chassis-mount power supply unit ...

Press Releases March 27, 2018

Summary of the AHM series of external power supplies

85 to 250 Watt external power supplies approved to medical and IT standards ...

Videos February 28, 2018

Power Systems for Patient Connected Equipment

This blog discusses two approaches for power systems within medical equipme ...

Blog Posts February 15, 2018

Plug-top supplies provide 2 MOPP & meet latest Level VI and EU CoC Tier 2 efficiency standards

Additions to ACM series of external plug-top (wall mount) single output AC/ ...

Press Releases February 8, 2018