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MTBF: misquoted and misunderstood

Important factors when comparing quoted MTBF.

Technical Articles

The ever shrinking power supply

Factors driving down the size of AC-DC power supplies.

Technical Articles

How to design a smaller, more efficient AC-DC power supply

Creating smaller power supplies without compromising efficiency or functionality.

Technical Articles

How to reduce size and increase performance in AC-DC power supply design

Design ideas that make a difference to power supply performance.

Technical Articles

No load power consumption and efficiency of external power supplies

Summary of requirements for no load power consumption and minimum efficiency by various international regulatory bodies.

Technical Articles

Fractional turns transformers (FTT) save space, cut costs and improve efficiency of AC-DC power supplies

Implementing fractional turns in power converters

Technical Articles

Ten tips for designing small and efficient AC-DC switching power supplies

Top ten design tips from VP of Engineering, Hiren Shah

Technical Articles

Understanding forced air cooling in power supplies

Reducing waste heat from power supplies

Technical Articles

Peaks load capabilities: Four typical characterizations

Selecting power supplies for high peak currents

Technical Articles

Connecting proportional models for positive or negative outputs

Connect proportional models for either positive or negative output.

Application Notes

How to connect & test a regulated model

Applies to XP EMCO products: C Series, CA Series, CA-T Series, CB Series, H Series & P Series

Application Notes

XP tips and tricks: Helpful advice on power supply design

There's no substitute for electronics engineer experience... but you can pass it on!

Technical Articles