DNR05-60 Series

AC-DC Power Supplies

DNR05-60 Series

  • Rugged Design for Industrial Applications
  • Up to 89% Efficiency
  • Full Power to +60 °C
  • Wide Adjustment Range
  • DC OK 24 V Models
  • DC Standby Versions
  • 3 Year Warranty
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Model Name Power Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Datasheet Stock Check RFQ
DNR05-60 DNR05US05 5 W Single Phase 5V 1A
DNR05-60 DNR05US12 5 W Single Phase 12V 0.42A
DNR05-60 DNR05US15 5 W Single Phase 15V 0.34A
DNR05-60 DNR05US24 5 W Single Phase 24V 0.21A
DNR05-60 DNR10US05 10 W Single Phase 5V 2A
DNR05-60 DNR10US12 10 W Single Phase 12V 0.84A
DNR05-60 DNR10US15 10 W Single Phase 15V 0.67A
DNR05-60 DNR10US24 10 W Single Phase 24V 0.42A
DNR05-60 DNR18US05 18 W Single Phase 5V 3A
DNR05-60 DNR18US12 18 W Single Phase 12V 1.5A
DNR05-60 DNR18US15 18 W Single Phase 15V 1.2A
DNR05-60 DNR18US24 18 W Single Phase 24V 0.75A
DNR05-60 DNR30US05 30 W Single Phase 5V 6A
DNR05-60 DNR30US12 30 W Single Phase 12V 2.5A
DNR05-60 DNR30US24 30 W Single Phase 24V 1.25A
DNR05-60 DNR30US48 30 W Single Phase 48V 0.625A
DNR05-60 DNR60US05 60 W Single Phase 5V 10A
DNR05-60 DNR60US12 60 W Single Phase 12V 5A
DNR05-60 DNR60US24 60 W Single Phase 24V 2.5A
DNR05-60 DNR60US48 60 W Single Phase 48V 1.25A



DNR05/10/18: 4.53 x 0.89 x 3.48 in (115.0 x 22.5 x 88.5 mm)
DNR30/60: 4.53 x 1.59 x 3.60 in (115.0 x 40.5 x 90.0 mm)

Input Voltage

90-264 VAC, 120-375 VDC (DNR05/10/18) 85-264 VAC, 90-375 VDC (DNR30/60)

Harmonic Currents

EN61000-3-2, class A



Operating Temperature

-20 °C to +70 °C (DNR05/10/18) -40 °C to +70 °C, start up at -35 °C (DNR30/60), all units derate linearly from 60 °C (see datasheet)


3000 VAC Input to Output 1500 VAC Input to Ground 500 VAC Output to Ground

European Safety Approvals


US Safety Approvals

UL508 Pollution Degree 2, UL1310 class 2 power recognised, UL60950-1 Overvoltage Category II, UL508 Overvoltage Category III, ANSI/ISA 12.12.01. Class 1, Division 2 Groups A,B,C and D

Other Safety Approvals



EN55022, level B conducted & radiated


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