XP Power - DIN Rail
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    XP Power introduces rugged wide-range input 6/10W power modules for industrial and ITE applications

    Posted on 2019년 9월 4일 수요일


    XP Power today introduced two new series of wide input range chassis and DIN rail mount DC-DC converters that offer simple and rapid installation into a wide variety of industrial and ITE applications.

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    Ultra slim DIN rail power supplies target industrial applications

    Posted on 2017년 4월 20일 목요일


    XP Power today announced the DPC series of highly efficient ultra slim DIN rail AC-DC power supplies. Available in 30, 50 and 70 Watt single output models, they all accept the universal input range from 90 to 264 VAC without the need for any input selector switches. Taking up...

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    XP Power offers encapsulated 80 Watt AC-DC modules in an ultra-compact footprint

    Posted on 2016년 12월 21일 수요일


    XP Power today announced the ECE80 series of 80 W single output AC-DC encapsulated power supply modules with high efficiency and a low no load input power. The modules are perfect for customers requiring an encapsulated AC-DC power solution in an ultra-compact format for either...

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    Encapsulated DC-DC converters offer chassis or DIN rail mounting

    Posted on 2016년 5월 12일 목요일


    XP Power today announced the DTE series of fully encapsulated single output DC-DC converters. The series comprises three ultra wide input voltage range models offering 20 (DTE20), 40 (DTE40) and 60 Watts (DTE60) output power. The units are available in either a chassis mount or a...

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    High efficiency slim DIN Rail power supplies offer redundancy module option

    Posted on 2015년 7월 7일 화요일


    XP Power today announced the DSA series of three ultra slim DIN rail industrial AC-DC power supplies and the complementary DSA-DP20 ORing redundancy module. The highly efficient DSA series comprises the 150 Watt DSA150, the 240 Watt DSA240 and the 480 Watt DSA480. With a single...

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    DIN rail DC-DC converters offer a wide input and noise immunity for industrial applications

    Posted on 2015년 5월 13일 수요일


    XP Power announced today the DDC15 and DDC30 series of low profile 15 Watt and 30 Watt DIN rail format DC-DC converters. The range is designed to offer additional voltages in DIN rail power systems, provide isolated outputs & noise immunity or support battery powered or...

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