XP Power - Dual Output
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    XP Power introduces rugged wide-range input 6/10W power modules for industrial and ITE applications

    Posted on 2019년 9월 4일 수요일


    XP Power today introduced two new series of wide input range chassis and DIN rail mount DC-DC converters that offer simple and rapid installation into a wide variety of industrial and ITE applications.

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    의료용, 2 x MOPP, DC-DC 컨버터는 안전성이 중요한 의료기기의 개발을 단순화합니다.

    Posted on 2019년 4월 2일 화요일


    XP Power는 의료/의료 애플리케이션에 대한 국제 기관의 승인을 받아 새로운 20Watt DC-DC 전원 모듈을 출시했습니다. 이 시리즈는 모든 의료 분야에 적합하며, 특히 환자 접촉 및 환자 주변 애플리케이션을 포함하여 DC-DC 컨버터가 강화된(2 x MOPP) 안전 보호 장벽을 제공하는 경우에 사용합니다.

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    Industry’s smallest regulated and isolated 9 W DC-DC converters offer 4:1 input range

    Posted on 2017년 3월 23일 목요일


    XP Power today announced the ITZ series of compact regulated 9 Watt DC-DC converters. Believed to be the industry’s smallest 9 W DC-DC converters, the units accommodate an ultra-wide 4:1 input and are available with single and dual outputs. Packaged in an ultra-compact metal...

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    6 Watt DC-DC converters offer an extra wide 4:1 input range in a compact SIP package

    Posted on 2015년 6월 10일 수요일


    XP Power today announced the ITQ series of 6 Watt DC-DC converters. Packaged in a compact SIP 8-pin format, with a footprint measuring just 21.9 x 11.1 x 9.2mm, the ITQ series takes up less board space, giving designers more room to add features or the ability to reduce end product...

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    XP Power's latest 1W DC-DC converters offer a wider temperature range and increased isolation

    Posted on 2015년 4월 15일 수요일


    XP Power today announced three SIP packaged 1 Watt DC-DC converters with both single and dual output models. Aimed at applications requiring a high performance DC-DC converter, the products feature industry standard pinouts and offer an increased efficiency, higher isolation, and a...

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    Latest SMD DC-DC Converters offer increased efficiency, isolation and temperature range

    Posted on 2015년 2월 9일 월요일


    XP Power announces six new series of high performance isolated DC-DC converters in industry standard SMD packages. Offered in single and dual output versions the compact ‘next generation’ devices are available in power ranges from 0.25 to 3 Watts. They have a higher...

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