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    Low-cost, open-frame 40W & 60W power supplies support healthcare, household and ITE applications

    Posted on 2019年3月19日


    XP Power has launched two new series of low-profile, open-frame power supplies addressing the need for low-cost 40W and 60W solutions that support a broad range of applications within the medical, domestic/household and ITE/industrial sectors.

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    XP Power の 18~36 Wデスクトップ(アダプター)電源は、最新level VI 及び CoC Tier 2 エネルギー基準を満たしています

    Posted on 2017年1月24日


    XP Powerは最新の level VI 及び CoC Tier 2グリーン規格 に適合する4種類の外部 / デスクトップ(アダプター)電源を発表しました。単一出力電源にて エネルギー効率の向上と無負荷消費電力の削減を目的とした 現在の法律を満たす必要のある新しい設計の為に、低消費電力の外部取付け 18, 24, 30 又は 36W 電源を必要とする御客様に最適です。

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    High efficiency slim DIN Rail power supplies offer redundancy module option

    Posted on 2015年7月7日


    XP Power today announced the DSA series of three ultra slim DIN rail industrial AC-DC power supplies and the complementary DSA-DP20 ORing redundancy module. The highly efficient DSA series comprises the 150 Watt DSA150, the 240 Watt DSA240 and the 480 Watt DSA480. With a single...

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    Low profile full brick baseplate cooled AC-DC power supplies require no external components

    Posted on 2015年3月31日


    XP Power’s ASB110 series provides a complete AC-DC power supply module requiring no external components. The full brick sized power supplies offer very high efficiency and a low profile for PCB pin mounted designs. Aimed at ITE and industrial customers looking for a base plate...

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