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  1. mai31

    Ultra compact 15-40 Watt power supplies with PCB or chassis mount options

    Posted on mardi 31 mai 2011


    XP Power announced today two additions to its range of ultra compact high power density AC-DC power supplies. New products include the introduction of the encapsulated single output ECE series, and multiple output models of the existing ECL family. The ECE20 are encapsulated PCB...

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  2. mai31

    Compact AC-DC supply delivers 65 W of ''green'' power from 2'' x 4'' footprint

    Posted on mardi 31 mai 2011


    XP Power announced today the ECS65 series of next generation single output open frame AC-DC power supplies. Capable of delivering 65 W and measuring just 101.6 x 50.8 x 26.7 mm (2 x 4 x 1.05 inches), these highly efficient convection cooled units are rated at up to 90% efficiency....

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