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  1. mars31

    AC-DC power supply range extended to 1kW for medical or industrial applications

    Posted on jeudi 31 mars 2011

    SHP & MHP

    XP Power today announced additions to its SHP and MHP series of high power density fan cooled AC-DC power supplies. The SHP1000 and MHP1000 are highly efficient, typically 85%, have a power density of up to 8.9 Watts/cubic inch and can provide 1000 W across the full input range of...

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  2. mars31

    85 - 250 Watt medical and IT external power supplies reach 92% efficiency

    Posted on jeudi 31 mars 2011


    XP Power announced today the launch of their AHM series of highly efficient external AC-DC power supplies aimed at a broad range of medical and IT applications. The series comprises 5 single-output ranges of 85, 100, 150, 180 or 250 Watt output, and provides the popular nominal...

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