XP Power - Railway
  1. 12月21

    XP Power推出超紧凑尺寸的封闭型80W AC-DC产品

    Posted on 2016年12月21日


    XP Power 正式宣布推出拥有高效率和低空载输入功率的封闭型80W单输出AC-DC电源ECE80系列。该产品可满足客户对板上PCB型,机板型或导轨安装型超紧凑尺寸的封闭型AC-DC电源方案的需求。


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  2. 11月13

    XP Power extends line up of EN50121-3-2 certified DC-DC converters for railway and rolling stock applications

    Posted on 2014年11月13日


    XP Power today announced the RDC20 and RDC40 series of 20 Watt and 40 Watt metal encapsulated wide range DC-DC converters designed for railway and industrial applications. These highly efficient PCB mounted converters, typically 90%, comply with railway and rolling stock EMC...


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