XP Power launches compact high efficiency fully featured AC-DC supplies

XP Power today announced the HCP series of single output compact bulk power AC-DC power supplies aimed at process control, factory automation and manufacturing equipment applications. These highly efficient units, typically up to 91%, comprise four output power models, a 650 W and 1kW, which are both less than 1U high, and a 1.5kW and 3kW.

A single wire current share capability allows the configuration of multiple units to achieve a higher power output or to provide redundancy. All the popular nominal output voltages from + 12 to +48 VDC are available across the range. To accommodate an even wider range of output voltage requirements, an output voltage trim capability allows adjustment of 30 – 105% of nominal output voltage. A similar function provides adjustment of current output between 40 – 105% of maximum current. Both controls can be made by using either an external voltage input or by a variable resistor. A +5 VDC 0.5A standby supply can be used to drive logic or control circuits without the need to design-in an additional voltage source or step down converters.

These fan cooled units are ideal for customers looking for a compact high efficiency power supply that has programmable features and monitoring signals. By varying the cooling fan speed depending on the output load fan noise is kept to a minimum. Monitor and control signals include DC OK, remote sense and remote on/off. A multifunction LED indicator gives a visual indication of the power supply’s operational condition.

The HCP series has a 3 year warranty. The HCP series are available from stock.

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