Power supply applications with output voltages exceeding 60VDC

Posted on 18 Dec 2017
Most commercially available power supplies have output voltages ranging from 3V3 to 54VDC.  However, there are many end applications for power supplies where a higher output voltage is required. Given the lack of availability of standard higher output voltage supplies, it is not unusual for the required system voltage to be generated from multiple standard units in series or by connecting the outputs of a multiple output supply in series.

Designing for reliability in high voltage applications

Posted on 28 May 2017
High voltage design and manufacturing comes with an additional set of disciplines that must be applied in order to produce products with excellent long term reliability, often in harsh environments. As high voltage power supplies become increasingly compact and miniaturized, mastering these disciplines is essential to ensure long term and trouble-free operation in the field. Failure to properly apply these design and manufacturing principles can result in real-world MTBF well below design expectations. In school, we were taught that materials were either conductors or insulators. Air was said to be an insulator. However, lightning proves that air is not always an insulator. Welcome to the world of high voltage!

What to consider when designing in a high voltage power supply

Posted on 12 Dec 2016
In this video, Mike Doherty, Vice President, High Voltage Products and Gary Bocock, Technical Director, talks about designing in high voltage power supplies.

Understanding Isolation Ratings in High Voltage Power Supplies

Posted on 25 Oct 2016
“My 10 kV power supply has an isolation rating of only 3500V, why is that?” This is a common initial reaction when reviewing the data sheet of a high voltage power supply. This note intends to explain why.

Benefits of proportional and regulated DC to high voltage DC converters

Posted on 22 Sep 2016
In this video, Mike Doherty, Vice President, High Voltage Products, describes the features and benefits of proportional and regulated DC to high voltage DC converters.

How to Connect and Test a Regulated Model

Posted on 28 Jun 2016
XP EMCO engineering technician Tim Thompson explains how to connect and test an XP EMCO regulated unit to verify operation. This video tutorial applies to the following XP EMCO products: CA Series, C Series, and H Series.
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