Selecting power supplies for peak load applications

Posted on 05 Feb 2019

Specifying an AC/DC power supply for systems with peak load requirements that are higher than the normal power requirements for short periods can result in larger, higher power and higher cost product selection.

In these applications the average power required is typically significantly lower than the peak demand and, with care, savings in product size and cost can be realized without compromising system reliability or lifetime. Using a power supply that can support the peak load but with a lower continuous power rating will result in a physically smaller power supply reducing system size, weight and cost. The supply must be electrically rated to safely support the peak demand but can be thermally rated at the lower power level.

Compact, low profile, 750W AC-DC supplies with 900W peak power for industrial, test & measurement and healthcare applications

Posted on 10 Jan 2019
The GSP750 series of 750W continuous / 900W peak, AC-DC power supply units come in a low-profile, 1U-high chassis with a compact 4” x 10” footprint and offer a wealth of features along with class-leading efficiency. The peak power capability of 900W for up to 100ms offers the potential for reduced size and cost in systems employing motors and other electromechanical loads.

Overcoming Patient Leakage Current Issues

Posted on 03 May 2018
IEC 60601 is the generally accepted standard for medical electrical and electronic equipment, required for the commercialization of this type of equipment in many countries. To guard against electric shock, the specification defines maximum leakage currents for equipment with an applied part, that is, a part of the equipment that comes into contact with the patient under normal operating conditions.

Power Systems for Patient Connected Equipment

Posted on 15 Feb 2018
This blog discusses two approaches for power systems within medical equipment for patient connected applications. The part of the equipment which comes into contact with the patient is known as the applied part. The applied part is defined as the part of a medical device which, in order for the medical device to perform its function, deliberately comes into direct contact with a patient. This also applies to parts which are likely to come into contact with the patient.
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