DEF-STAN 61-5 Issue 6 Part 6 Compliance Made Easy

Posted on 21 Feb 2017

In February 2009, the UK Ministry of Defence published issue 6 of Defence Standard 61-5 part 6 to cover 12 and 24V systems. This issue 6 version has a major change when compared to issue 5 which had been originally published in 1990. The main difference is to define how electrical equipment survives when subjected to the DIT08.B load dump. Load dump occurs when a heavily loaded electrical system exhibits a loose battery terminal, which can be caused by the shock of the military vehicle traversing over rough terrain and the resulting voltage transient presented onto the electrical system by the poor connection defined in the commercial vehicle standard ISO 7637-2.

EN55032 Replaces EN55022

Posted on 02 Feb 2017
EN55032 is the new standard for EMC emissions replacing EN55022, the standard for ITE equipment, and two other EMC standards; EN55013 & EN55103 related to broadcast, audio, video & entertainment systems. The Date Of Withdrawal (DOW) for EN55022 is March 5th 2017.
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